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My experience with Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program was absolutely remarkable. I am a product of the traditional learning environment and was skeptical about the entire online learning experience. I was pleasantly surprised and quite impressed with the level of customer service, test preparation support, and online learning.

Transitioning from the traditional learning environment into the online learning environment can be frightening at best. However, through their caring customer service Web-Centric made my transition practically seamless. From the registration throughout the entire process they never made me feel like a nuisance or a problem. I specifically recall one occasion (of a few) when I experienced a financial hardship and needed some assistance; they worked with me patiently to find a reasonable resolution.

Additionally, Web-Centric provided an effective support network. There were several colleagues on my school campus that were a part of the program. We all shared the same apprehension about the state administered certification tests. In an effort to assist with our test preparation, Web-Centric not only provided books and study materials they also provided a tutor on our school campus three days a week. The test taking skills and techniques provided by the tutor coupled with the study material was instrumental in my ability to pass both of my tests on the first attempt.

Lastly, through online learning the program allowed me to achieve my professional goals while attaining home work life balance. I was able to attend a course at anytime from anywhere. As a single parent, full time employee, and active member of the community the flexibility and convenience of online learning was invaluable to a lifestyle as demanding as mine.

In closing I say to Web-Centric, thank you for making my experience simply amazing. My transition was smooth, your customer service was superb and I was able to maintain a well-balanced life both personally and professionally as I pursued my teaching certification.

Lisa Felix
Community Education Partners

Web-Centric is a wonderful online teaching program. The customer service is wonderful. I always received a call back with more than enough information. The curriculum is very ideal for someone working and trying to get a certification. I was able to do my assignments in the morning, noon and night; I always received grades and feedback on my papers very fast. Thank you for making my certification process ideal for my lifestyle. I appreciate all the hard work that you did behind the scenes and all the help answering questions, learning the material and finding a job. Thank you

Melissa Sanders
Spring ISD

My name is Karla Beek and I am honored to say that I completed the Web- Centric Alternative Certification Program. I was thrilled to find a program that was 100% online. I am married with 3 children and my schedule is extremely busy. I did not have time to add transportation and a school schedule to my everyday routine. I completed the classes when it was convenient for me. I passed all of my test on the first try. I was voted first year teacher of the year. I had a 100% pass rate on the TAKS test which was the highest on campus. That achievement is huge considering I teach in a economically challenged/ high risk area. I would recommend Web-Centric to everyone. The program gave me everything I needed to be successful during my first year of teaching and did I mention EVERYTHING was done online?

Karla Beek

The Web-Centric staff was outstanding. Aside from being very helpful, they were also very friendly and courteous in all of their e-mail and/or phone communications. Their professionalism and kindness made me feel comfortable in asking any questions I had–whenever I had them as I worked my way through the program. When Staff Members modeled this kind of respect in their correspondence with me, it made me feel as though they actually wanted me to be successful as much as I wanted that success for myself. In my experience, you don’t find that kind of customer-centric sense of service just anywhere, but I did find it at Web-Centric. Thanks for everything!

Jordan Jensen

My experiences with Web Centric Alternative Certification Program has been very pleasing. They are the best when it comes to online learning. They respond to your emails very quickly and give you the education that you need to become one of the best educators in your area. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in pursuing their Texas state teaching certification. Because they are simply the best!!!!!!!

Pamela Jones
Port Arthur ISD

I am so blessed to have worked with Web-Centric. Being a mother of 2 and keeping a full-time job while trying to maintain a household and gaining a certification is extremely difficult. I have been able to work at my own pace with Web-Centric from home while I am around my kids! The customer service is fantastic! They always called me back immediately if I did not get someone on the phone and answered any and all questions. Web-Centric has gone beyond what I expected. If I had to do it all over again I would go with them! Thank you Web-Centric!

Lynda Faught
Austin ISD

Web-Centric guides you throughout the entire certification process of becoming a teacher in Texas. The curriculum is up to date and current with what is happening in the classroom. When you call they always respond promptly with superb customer service. Bob and Nancy make you feel like you’re part of the family and are always there to help no matter how long it takes. I liked the fact that everything was self paced so I was able to enjoy more balanced time with my family. I also like the ease of the materials being sent to my home. I am very thankful for the knowledge gained while being part of the alternative certification program. I have and will continue to recommend Web-Centric to my friends.

Jennifer Bennight
Austin ISD